Husband and Wife in Hebrew







Genesis 2:24 Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

In the Hebrew the word for man or husband and the word for wife are almost the same. They are only one letter apart. Both have an “Aleph” and both have a “Shin”. The difference is that husband has a “Yod” and wife has a “Hey.” The husband and wife are very much the same and yet have their difference.

The two letters that are different form the abreviation of the name of God as is the “ya” of hallelujah. As long as God is in the marriage they work together. But, as soon as God is taken out of the marriage, removing the “Yod” and “Hey”, both names spell fire. In the Hebrew, to emphasize something as the largest or greatest example of something you repeat it. Therefore, fire – fire would be the largest of fires. God is needed to restrain the fires.

Could this be fires of passion burning out of control for things they do not need to be burning for or out of boundaries? Or could these be fires of tempers or fires from friction? To keep the fires under control (strength under control) God has to be in the marriage.

So, what does a fire do? “Aleph” means head or leader and “Shin” meaning eat, consume, or destroy. Could the understanding of fire be that which destroys leadership or the beginning? All the more reason for God to be in a marriage. Without God you have fire against fire, fire that is out of control.

Also, from this verse, we understand that a man can not cleave to his wife until he leaves his father and mother.

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