How Many Times Does The Bible Say “Fear Not?”

I have heard for years that there are 365 “fear not‘s” in the bible, one for every day of the week. What a comfort to believe that there is one for every day of the week. And yet, one “fear not” from Jesus is enough, right?

I thought that I would do a search of my own I have dug and hunted and I can not even find 100 “fear not’s.”

  • King James Version: 74 – fear not; 29 – be not afraid
  • New American Standard Bible:  4 – fear not; 57 – do not fear; 46 – do not be afraid

This information is not earth shaking. It’s just a cute saying that seems to be, to this point, incorrect. Don’t let it shake your faith, just Fear Not!

At the very best the word for Fear, in all of it’s forms, is only listed 314 times in the original languages which includes words that have been translated into words such as terrible, dreadful, reverence, and terrible acts. As for the different translations also list the following:

NKJV 129, NIV 66, NASB 127, ASV 148, DBY 155, HNV 44, NLT 38, ESV 137, RSV 139, YNG 115, WEB 144

The fact is, it would be just as true if it were listed only one time in scripture.

When God said, “let there be light,” He only had to say it one time for it to happen. It does not have to be listed 365 times. If we really needed that mean “fear not’s” then February 29, which comes every 4 years, would be left for fear to run lose, right?


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  1. I’m doing the same research now because I’ve heard the 365 so often in books and preached – even without the magic number the Bible has a lot to say about worry, fear and being anxious. I’m working on a booklet “How Big is Your But?” and will tell people how to have the peace that overcomes it (through thankfulness) and how to choose to be thankful in every circumstance. Glad I came across your blog.

  2. I’m also searching for fear nots, fear thou nots, be not afraid, and any such, yet I’m yet to get up to 100. Please, let the verses that contain the 365 fear nots be made known.
    I agree that just one FEAR NOT from God settles each day’s fears.

  3. I have found 203 fear nots

    • Can you send me your list of scriptures. I don’t need it to prove any phrase right or wrong. I’m actually just doing a study on my own on fear. Thank you! dlguyer at msn dot com.

  4. i am doing a devotion for school and i decided my topic is fear not. this has been helpful because i am going to start out by saying how many different times God says fear not in the bible. so thank you.

  5. I just listened to a sermon this a.m. where the 365 biblical refences to “fear not” was mentioned. I found this site to be helpful, along with others, that reveal to me that the “365” number is exaggerated. Thank you for your clarity.

  6. Thank you for clarifying this topic as I heard just this morning reference to there being 365 comments in the Bible pertaining to being not afraid. Hmm.

  7. The bible says that we should not fear many times without using the words “do not be afraid” or do not fear. This makes the number a lot closer to the 365. Although what the exact number is, I do not know. Also remember that different versions of the Bible will phrase things differently. Phrases like “Do not be troubled” or “Let your heart not be troubled” could be interpreted as do not fear.

    • For you to make the claim of being a lot closer to 365 times came because you counted them? At the very best the word for Fear, in all of it’s forms, is only listed 314 times in the original languages which includes words that have been translated into words such as terrible, dreadful, reverence, and terrible acts. As for the different translations also list the following:
      NKJV 129, NIV 66, NASB 127, ASV 148, DBY 155, HNV 44, NLT 38, ESV 137, RSV 139, YNG 115, WEB 144

      The fact is, it would be just as true if it were listed only one time in scripture. When God said, “let there be light,” He only had to say it one time for it to happen. It does not have to be listed 365 times.

      At the same time, for us to make a claim that fear not in any form is found 365 times is not a legitamate claim if we can not count them. God’s word does not need our help to be made great with stories that can not be backed up. Things like this put us into the mold that Hollywood paints of Christians, superstitious with our heads in the clouds. Thank you for attempting to explain the fact for 365. I will accept it if you will send me a list. Keep in mind that this claim has been around a very long time. Therefore, the claim must have come from the KJV. I’ll be waiting for your list or maybe there is someone on the net that has put a list together.

      • According to the movie “Facing the Giants” it is somewhere close to 365 times
        == Answer ==
        I’d heard 366, so God didn’t forget leap years either. I’ve seen it claimed to be 365 on several sites but with no proof. Looks like just over 100 in reality. Tried using bible gateway to lookup in NAB version.
        “Do not be afraid”
        Genesis 43:23
        Genesis 46:3
        Genesis 50:19
        Genesis 50:21
        Exodus 20:20
        Deuteronomy 20:1
        Deuteronomy 20:3
        Deuteronomy 31:6
        Joshua 11:6
        Judges 4:18
        1 Samuel 4:20
        1 Samuel 22:23
        1 Samuel 23:17
        1 Samuel 28:13
        2 Kings 1:15
        2 Kings 19:6
        2 Kings 25:24
        Nehemiah 2:2
        Psalm 49:16
        Proverbs 3:25
        Isaiah 37:6
        Isaiah 44:8
        Jeremiah 1:8
        Jeremiah 40:9
        Jeremiah 42:11 (2 times)
        Ezekiel 3:9
        Daniel 10:12
        Daniel 10:19
        Zephaniah 3:16
        Matthew 1:20
        Matthew 14:27
        Matthew 17:7
        Matthew 28:5
        Matthew 28:10
        Mark 5:36
        Mark 6:50
        Luke 1:13
        Luke 1:30
        Luke 2:10
        Luke 8:50
        Luke 12:4
        Luke 12:32
        John 6:20
        Acts 18:9
        Acts 27:24
        Revelation 1:17

        “Do not fear”
        Genesis 15:1
        Genesis 21:17
        Genesis 26:24
        Genesis 35:17
        Exodus 14:13
        Numbers 14:9
        Numbers 21:34
        Deuteronomy 1:21
        Deuteronomy 1:29
        Deuteronomy 3:2
        Deuteronomy 3:22
        Deuteronomy 31:8
        Joshua 8:1
        Joshua 10:8
        Joshua 10:25
        Judges 6:10 (You shall not fear the gods of the Amorites…)
        Judges 6:23
        Judges 3:11
        1 Samuel 12:20
        2 Samuel 9:7
        2 Samuel 13:28
        1 Kings 17:13
        2 Kings 6:16
        2 Kings 17:35 (You shall not fear other gods, nor bow…)
        2 Kings 17:37
        2 Kings 17:38
        1 Chronicles 22:13
        1 Chronicles 28:200
        2 Chronicles 20:15
        2 Chronicles 20:17
        2 Chronicles 32:7
        Nehemiah 4:14 (Do not be afraid…)
        Job 21:9 (Their houses are safe from fear..)
        Psalm 64:4
        Psalm 78:53 (He led them to safety so they did not fear)
        Isaiah 7:4
        Isaiah 10:24
        Isaiah 35:4
        Isaiah 40:9
        Isaiah 41:10
        Isaiah 41:13
        Isaiah 41:14
        Isaiah 43:1
        Isaiah 43:5
        Isaiah 42:2
        Isaiah 51:7
        Isaiah 54:4
        Isaiah 54:14?? (you will be far from oppression, for you will not fear..)
        Jeremiah 10:5
        Jeremiah 30:10
        Jeremiah 46:27
        Jeremiah 46:28
        Lamentations 3:57
        Joel 2:21
        Joel 2:22
        Haggai 2;5
        Zechariah 8:13
        Zechariah 8:15
        Matthew 10:26
        Matthew 10:28
        Matthew 10:31
        Luke 5:10
        Luke 12:7
        John 12:15
        John 14:27 (Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful)
        1 Peter 3:14 (Do not fear their intimidation, and do not be troubled,
        Revelation 2:10

        John 14:1 (Do not let your heart be troubled…)
        Acts 20:10

        It also says:
        Mark 4:40 “…Why are ye fearful? Have ye no faith?”
        Matthew 8:26 “…Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?…”
        Revelation 21:8 “But the fearful, and … (ext.)… shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

        The bible says that we should not fear many times without using the words “do not be afraid” or do not fear. This makes the number a lot closer to the 365. Although what the exact number is, I do not know.

        Read more:

      • Get a Franklin Electronic Computer Bible and it will tell you how many matches are in the 1611 KJV Bible for these phrases:
        1. Fear not > 169 matches in “Franklin” elec 1611 KJV Bible
        2. Be Not Afraid > 79
        3. Have no fear > 25
        4. Shall not fear > 55
        5. Do Not Fear > 37
        Total >>>>>>> 365 times
        6. add the phrase “Do not Worry” >1 computer match for leap year 366.
        I did this in one try without knowing what phrases to use or how many phrases , the hair stood up on my neck and I got goosebumps all over and I started looking over my shoulder and around the room.
        I had heard this before and thought I would try some phrases and it came out perfect on 1st try. That was NOT ME…..JESUS made his presence known in that room that day….first try? What if I would have put in too many or too few verses or wrong verses. I would still be there trying to do this..
        BTW: that Franklin elec. Bible also has the NIV version in it , and this did not work in the NIV…??? Not even close.

      • Very interesting. Thank you. If it works, then GREAT. My point is just that it is very important that before we make claims we need to be able to back them up. I’ll give it a try and see what happens. If it works then we have evidence. If it does not, then one time is still enough for me 🙂

        Again, thank you for this information.

  8. Thanks for answering my question!

  9. what about leap years??

    • I guess, to those who value 365 “fear nots,” that leaves them hanging for one day every four years for leap year. Of course, we could go deeper. What about the 360 days a year the early calendar had used in the early part of the Old Testament? Some believe that we will moved back to that 360 day calendar when Christ returns.

      • Pastor Nathan,
        I agree with you that we should not be concerned with the amount of times that it is written. I feel that we should only be concerned with the fact that it is written. God should only have to say it one time but for this very reason, He had to repeat Himself over and over again. Be it 100 or 365, He repeated it because of the stubbornness of man. God knew that for us to get it, He would have to drill it into our hearts. So for those that want a scripture that says “fear not” for each day of the year (leap year included), pick one and read it daily. It will eventually set in. When you’re done with that one, choose another. Remember, it isn’t the amount of times that it appears, it’s the fact that it appears. I love each and every one of you with the love of Jesus. God bless you all.

      • Thank you very much.

  10. Thank you for this conversation. Someone made the 365 declaration in church on Sunday and it sounded cute but I haven’t found it to be true either.
    I agree with your assessment that one statement from the Lord is quite sufficient. Now I just need to be obedient and “be not anxious”.


  11. I’m so happy that every one accepts that one “FEAR NOT” from God is enough to bring rest and confidence! If only Christians will agree in such a manner in every other matter!!!

  12. I came up with 172 times the bible seems to be telling us “fear not” in various phrasing.
    That still isn’t even 1/2 of 365. (This was an RSV). (Romans 13:3 is “ify” though.)

    1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love
    1 Peter 3:14 Have no fear
    1 Samuel 4:9 Take courage
    1 Samu 28:13 Have no fear
    Acts 18:9 Do not be afraid
    Acts 23:11 Take Courage
    Acts 27:24 Do not be afraid
    Daniel 10:12 Fear Not
    Daniel 10:19b Fear Not
    Daniel 10:19a Be strong and of good courage
    Deaut 7:21 You shall not be in dread of them
    Deuteronomy 1:21 Do not fear
    Deuteronomy 1:29 Do not be in dread or afraid of them
    Deuteronomy 3:2 Do not fear
    Deuteronomy 18:22 you need not be afraid
    Deuteronomy 31:7 Be strong and of good courage
    Deuteronomy 31:8 Do not fear
    Deuteronomy 31:8 Do not fear
    Deuteronomy 31:23 Be strong and of good courage
    Deuteronomy 20:3a let not your heart faint
    Deuteronomy 20:3b Do not fear
    Deuteronomy 20:3c Or tremble
    Deuteronomy 20:4d Or be in dread of them
    Deuteronomy 31:6a Be strong and of good courage
    Deuteronomy 31:6b Do not fear
    Deuteronomy 31:6c Or be in dread of them
    Ecclesiastes 8:2 Be not dismayed
    Exodus 14:13 Fear Not
    Exodus 20:20 Do not fear
    Ezekiel 2:6a Be Not Afraid
    Ezekiel 2:6b nor be afraid of their words
    Ezekiel 2:6c Nor be dismayed at their looks
    Ezra 10:4 Be strong
    Gen 15:1 Fear Not
    Gen 21:17 Fear Not
    Gen 35:17 Fear Not
    Gen 43:23 Do not be afraid
    Gen 46:3 Do not be afraid
    Gen 50:19 Fear Not
    Gen 50:21 Do not fear
    Gen 26:24 Fear Not
    Haggai 2:4a Take Courage
    Haggai 2:4b Take Courage
    Haggain 2:4c Take Courage
    Haggai 2:5 Fear Not
    Hosea 10:3 Fear Not
    I Chron 19:13 Be of good courage
    1 Chron 22:13a Be strong, and of good courage
    I Chron 22:13b Fear Not
    I Chron 22:13c Be not dismayed
    1 Chron 28:10 Be strong
    1 Chron 28:20a Be strong, and of good courage
    I Chron 28:20b Fear Not
    I Chron 28:20c Be not dismayed
    I Kings 17:13 Fear Not
    I Sam 4:20 Fear Not
    I Sam 12:20 Fear Not
    I Sam 22:23 Fear Not
    I Sam 23:17 Fear Not
    I Sam 28:13 Have no fear
    II Chron 15:7 Take courage!
    II Chron 20:15 Fear Not
    II Chron 20:15 Be not dismayed
    II Chron 20:17 Fear Not
    II Chron 20:17 Be not dismayed
    II Chron 32:7a Be strong and of good courage
    II Chron 32:7b Do not be afraid
    II Chron 32:7c Or dismayed
    II Kings 1:15 Do not be afraid
    II Kings 6:16 Fear Not
    II Kings 19:6 Do not be afraid
    II Kings 25:24 Do not be afraid
    II Sam 9:7 Do not fear
    II Sam 10:12 Be of good courage
    II Sam 13:28a Fear Not
    II Sam 13:28b Be courageous
    Hebrews 12:5 Nor lose courage
    Isaiah 7:4 Do not fear
    Isaiah 10:24 Be Not Afraid
    Isaiah 35:4 Fear Not
    Isaiah 37:6 Do not be afraid
    Isaiah 40:9 Fear Not
    Isaiah 41:6 Take Courage
    Isaiah 41:10 Fear Not
    Isaiah 41:13 Fear Not
    Isaiah 43:1 Fear Not
    Isaiah 43:5 Fear Not
    Isaiah 44:2 Fear Not
    Isaiah 44:8 Fear Not
    Isaiah 51:7 Fear Not
    Isaiah 51:7 Be not dismayed
    Isaiah 54:4 Fear Not
    Isaiah 8:12a Do not fear
    Isaiah 8:12b Nor be in dread
    Jeremiah 1:8 Be Not Afraid
    Jeremiah 10:5 Be Not Afraid
    Jeremiah 30:10 Fear Not
    Jeremiah 40:9 Do not be afraid
    Jeremiah 42:11 Do not fear
    Jeremiah 46:27 Fear Not
    Jeremiah 46:28 Fear Not
    Jeremiah 42:11a Do not fear
    Jeremiah 42:11b Do not fear
    Job 33:7 No fear of me need terrify you
    Job 37:6 Be strong.
    Job 39:22a He laughs at fear
    Job 39:22b Is not dismayed
    Joel 2:21 Fear Not
    Joel 2:22 Fear Not
    John 6:20 Do not be afraid
    John 12:15 Fear Not
    Joshua 1:6 Be strong and of good courage
    Joshua 1:7 Be strong and very courageous
    Joshua 1:9a Be strong and of good courage
    Joshua 1:9b Be not frightened
    John 1:9c neither be dismayed
    Joshua 1:18 Be strong and of good courage
    Joshua 8:1 Do not fear
    Joshua 8:1 Do not fear
    Joshua 10:8 Do not fear
    Joshua 10:25a Do not be afraid
    Joshua 10:25b Be strong and of good courage
    Joshua 11:6 Do not be afraid
    Joshua 1:9a Be strong and of good courage
    Joshua 1:9b be not frightened
    Joshua 1:9c neither be dismayed
    Joshua 10:25a Do not be afraid
    Joshua 10:25b Be strong and of good courage
    Judges 4:18 Have no fear
    Judges 6:23 Do not fear
    Lamentations 3:57 Do not fear
    Lamentations 3:57 Do not fear
    Luke 1:13 Do not be afraid
    Luke 1:30 Do not be afraid
    Luke 2:10 Be Not Afraid
    Luke 5:10 Do not be afraid
    Luke 8:50 Do not fear
    Luke 12:4 Do not fear
    Luke 12:7 Fear Not
    Luke 12:32 Fear Not
    Mark 5:36 Do not fear
    Mark 5:36 Do not fear
    Mark 6:50 Have no fear
    Matthew 1:20 Do not fear
    Matthew 10:26 Have no fear
    Matthew 10:28 Do not fear
    Matthew 10:31 Fear Not
    Matthew 14:27 Have no fear
    Matthew 17:7 Have no fear
    Matthew 28:5 Do not be afraid
    Matthew 28:10 Do not be afraid
    Nehemiah 4:14 Do not be afraid
    Numbers 13:20 Be of good courage
    Numbers 21:34 Do not fear
    Numbers 14:9a Do not fear
    Numbers 14:9b Do not fear
    Proverbs 3:25 Do not be afraid
    Psalm 27:14 Take courage
    Psalm 31:24 Take courage
    Psalm 49:16 Be Not Afraid
    Psalm 55:19 Do not fear *do not fear God
    Psalm 118:6 Do not fear
    Psalms 49:16 Be Not Afraid
    Revelation 1:17 Fear Not
    Revelation 2:10 Do not fear
    Romans 13:3 Have no fear *would you have no fear
    Ruth 3:11 Do not fear
    Zechariah 8:13 Fear Not
    Zechariah 8:15 Fear Not
    Zephaniah 3:16 Do not fear
    1 Corinthians 16:13a Be courageous
    1 Corinthians 16:13b Be strong

    • You are looking past many verses that are not in the imperative command form (like Psalm 34:4 for instance). There are those verses that are in the declarative form (Hebrews 13:6). There are lot’s of references to fear in Proverbs (ie. Proverbs 3:7), yet only one of those seem to be on your list. Also, there are many other references that you could add to this list with a broader search of words like “Anxiety” or “Worry” or “Hope”.

      “He delivered me from all my fears” – Psalm 34:4
      “I will not be afraid, what can man do to me” – Hebrews 13:6
      “Fear the Lord and shun evil” – Proverbs 3:7
      “Be anxious for nothing” – Philippians 4:6
      “Cast all your anxiety upon him” – I Peter 5:6
      “Do not worry about your life” – Matthew 6
      “Why are you downcast O my soul, put your Hope in God” – Psalm 42:5
      “Put your Hope in the Lord” – Psalm 131:1

      So, this brings your list up to, let’s see…183. And these were just examples of each, not an exhaustive list. So my guess is that one could, with a more nuanced approach, indeed compile a list of 365 references from the bible concerning fear – and do so quite easily.

      • The point still stands, one “fear not” is just as good as 365. But, unless you or anyone else can come up with a list of 365 then we are again made to look like stupid christians who will fall for anything. I have averaged 6 his per day from around the world for several years and if you came up with the “365” list you would make a great mark and be quoted by most every pastor. Without proof, this quote needs to stop.

    • Oh, I just thought of another –
      “Be still and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10

      And where are the verses that affirm “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”?
      Job 28:28
      Proverbs 9:10
      Psalm 111:10

  13. wow, i am really enthused about this topic i which to have the various verses cus after knowing this has been a blessing to my daily walk with God, no matter what happens

  14. this is revealing, I was writing a song on ”Jesus will never leave you alone” and I wanted to use a line that says there’s a fear not for each day from Jesus, so I decided to google how many fear nots there are in the bible which got me into this blog. now I know that what matters is a word from the Lord not the number of times spoken.

  15. Thanks for all the references. I am doing a lesson on having no fear and this came in handy.

  16. Just wanted to say, the actual words “fear not” may not be 365 times, but other phrases more positively, such as “Trust in the Lord,” “Be courageous,” and so forth are also ways to say, “Fear not.”

    • If this is the case then that is what needs to be stated, that “fear not” in many negative and positive forms are listed 365 times. My challenge to you is to back up your suggestion with a list of 365. Otherwise, your suggestion is a guess.

      • Great discussion! Doing a segment on Courage and all the Scripture references are a blessing! Thank you!

      • Pastor it seems Llike u have become obsessed with topic. invite people to your Church!!!!?

      • On the contrary, it would seem that the Church world is obsessed with this topic. I wrote this blog three years ago and now it has over 3,000 hits a month from around the world. When people make comments on any of my blogs I do try to respond to them. This happens to be one of the few blogs I get comments on.

        If I am obsessed with anything it would be the words of Christ. I started preaching from the quotes of Jesus in the gospels in June of 2011 and I am not even half through them. My regret is that I have not kept up with my blogging with these sermons. The Sermon on the mount took me 14 sermons to preach. Love the words of Christ.

        As for inviting people to my church. We do, but not in a blog. But, if I live streamed that would not be such a bad idea. Thank you.

  17. I am a missionary in the Former Soviet Block. I work with those “Least of These” that suffer from the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction. This includes the family members who live in fear. At the moment I find I have a little time on my hand as I research a book about Satan’s influence on the world through addiction. After reading all of these list and knowing I have made the statement about 365 fear nots myself I will try to make an all inclusive list that will be added in my book. Thanks for the great head start.

  18. […] I found far fewer exhortations to ‘fear not’, and a Google search confirmed that others have found the […]

  19. I am really bless by this blog and thank God for your life. I am a sunday school teacher and want to exhorting on “fear not” an assurances from God. This is of great assistance to me. Once again thank you and bless u.

  20. […] Much to my chagrin, “fear not” nor any of its close derivatives (fear thou not, be not afraid, etc.) can be found in the Bible 365 times.  Personal friend and close colleague, Pastor Nathan Boehm, took the time to do further research on this subject and posted his findings on his blog that I recommend for your reading ( […]

  21. Why does it matter how many times fear not is said in the bible or it in any of its many forms. God said to fear not and that should be enough.

  22. God does’nt want you to fear, he knew that fear is the root of many faliures you have today. Fear of death that make you to visit the wrong place, fear of poverty, rejection, future etc. You dont need to know how many time God said it. Have faith in what God says & you have rest.

  23. in reading this blog, I am guessing the reason there is such an interest is because we need to “prove” things to be true instead of accepting God’s word by faith. I, myself, have used there is one fear not for every day of the year. It is faith that pleases God and once is enough. He parted the Red Sea, once. The burning bush, once. The two ways of learning, for the most part, is repetition and a strong emotional encounter. May God encounter us with His love each and every day for perfect love casts out all fear. Thanks for all the sharing.

  24. Thankz for all the refrence… Iam a student and Iam really bless by this blog .. This verses change my life and more closer to ever caring jesus….and i shared this with my frnds in the hostal …..

  25. Am searching for them.

  26. You know this type of stuff is interesting, but I’m most interested in your numbers when you say “At the very best the word for Fear, in all of it’s forms, is only listed 314 times in the original languages which includes words that have been translated into words such as terrible, dreadful, reverence, and terrible acts.”

    In the KJV the word “fear”, regardless of context because that’s what you’re referencing there, appears 385 times and that’s in the form of “fear”. If you were to count the numerous synonyms it would of course be a much larger number.

  27. Whether it is mentioned once or one thousand times, I choose to fear not, but to fear only God. It is written, love the Lord your God with all you have and to love one another as yourself. Now how many times is that written? John 3:16 is enough for me … for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son …
    My candid advise is, Believe God, have faith in Him and in His words and you need not fear anything or anyone for even the power of death has been destroyed!
    Pastor Nathan, my greetings from the beautiful city of Abuja!

  28. Just wanted to say ‘thanks’ to all those who did so much
    work. It IS good to cross check things, and it is good
    to get the IDEA of things. Anything said several times,
    means it was ‘worth repeating’, and thus we’d want to
    at least BELIEVE it.

  29. clearly brothers and sisters if this were not true it would have died up a long time ago it needs no argument but just the knowledge of that its there 365 times or maybe even more because any thing that is a lie it will die out in due time for time is a test of all

    • Has mormonism died? Has Islam died? According to your argument their teachings must be true. If you believe that “Fear Not” truly is listed at least 365 times, prove it. I’ve proved otherwise. Just prove me wrong.

      • Do we have to argue how many times ‘fear not’ or a derivative
        of it is said? Let’s agree it’s said even 150 times which is
        likely (when taken with other ways to say the same thing).

        In 66 books, then we have 2-3 times per book. But some
        books have a lot more than that.

        Isn’t the point then that we are to ‘fear not’? And isn’t it
        the point that this is EMPHASIZED in the bible?

        And isn’t it the point that this must be a major problem
        we will encounter that we DO sometimes FEAR?

        Then we can read some of those verses and let
        them sink in, become really a part of us.

        But whether it’s one per day, or not doesn’t seem
        critical somehow. How is it critical then?

      • Exactly! The point is, we do not have to have a special number to “Fear Not,” which was the intent of the original article. Just bringing to light that 365 times so far proves to be an old tale to add umph to sermons and sounds really great in the movies. But, should we lie?

        This thing must be a statement around the world as this blog receives hits worldwide daily. We are to be people of truth and people of faith where once is enough. If we need something to meditate on to collate with the calendar then read one chapter of Proverbs a day for a month or a chapter of John a day for three weeks.

      • Excuse me, but HOW have you proved this? Because you said so? HOW HAVE YOU PROVED IT???

  30. Along with many others here, I am amazed it occurs so many
    times, in whatever ‘mood’ it does appear, indicative, imperative,
    Is it possible for anyone to think it occurs…A LOT?
    This in the bible is called ‘legalism’ and it’s sure
    important if we’re going to buy life insurance…that small
    print. If it says you’re covered for 365 days, that’s
    important at that point. Things in the world require
    But the things of the Lord require ‘the spirit
    of the law’…which in this case is ….’Fear not occurs
    very often throughout scriptures’…some may have
    come up with 365, and maybe they made mistakes,
    because after 225, the eyes go blurry.
    That’s what Jesus was talking to the Pharisees
    about ‘strain at a gnat and swallow a camel’ or something
    like that….just in case I got that WRONG, it was the
    IDEA that people have not changed. There are still
    people who have the same ways as Pharisees today
    as there were when Jesus walked this earth.
    I don’t get caught up in wasting my time on those
    things when serious things like learning HOW to
    ‘fear not’ with all the ‘stuff’ going on around the
    world. Blessings to the body of Christ.

  31. Hi – could I correct the original information slightly. The word fear (in all its forms appears in 385 verses of the entire scripture. However, the word itself make an appearance 400 times through those scriptures. I have listed below, the books that contain the word fear and the amount of times it appears in each book.
    I could provide all the scriptures also, but it would obviously be very lengthy. There is a great free bible program called esword, that will allow you to search the entire scripture for specific verses or words and will further tell how many times they appear and where in the bible. Its great.

    Genesis 14 verses
    Exodus 6 verses
    Leviticus 6 verses
    Numbers 2 verses
    Deuteronomy 28 verses, 29 matches
    Joshua 6 verses
    Judges 5 verses
    Ruth 1 verse found
    1 Samuel 9 verses
    2 Samuel 3 verses
    1 Kings 4 verses
    2 Kings 10 verses
    1 Chronicles 3 verses
    2 Chronicles 8 verses
    Ezra 1 verse
    Nehemiah 5 verses
    Esther 3 verses
    Job 18 verses
    Psalms 61 verses, 64 matches
    Proverbs 23 verses
    Ecclesiastes 4 verses, 5 matches
    Song of Solomon 1 verse
    Isaiah 34 verses, 35 matches
    Jeremiah 27 verses, 28 matches
    Lamentations 2 verses
    Ezekiel 2 verses
    Daniel 4 verses
    Hosea 2 verses
    Joel 1 verse
    Amos 1 verse
    Jonah 1 verse
    Micah 1 verse
    Zephaniah 2 verses
    Haggai 2 verses
    Zechariah 3 verses
    Malachi 4 verses
    Matthew 9 verses, 10 matches
    Luke 18 verses, 20 matches
    John 4 verses
    Acts 7 verses
    Romans 4 verses, 5 matches
    1 Corinthians 2 verses
    2 Corinthians 5 verses
    Ephesians 2 verses
    Philippians 2 verses
    1 Timothy 1 verse
    2 Timothy 1 verse
    Hebrews 6 verses
    1 Peter 5 verses
    1 John 1 verse, 3 matches
    Jude 2 verses
    Revelation 9 verses

    • To see actual research to show these things shows real
      diligence and I am delighted to see this. I was happy with
      200 times…enough to know I need to do it!!

      But to show it is MORE than one a day, really
      does show so many who claimed it wasn’t there.

      And to give us the site to look up, what
      a blessing, thank you for blessing me/us.

  32. Thank you for that. Was hearing a message and the 365 fear nots was mentioned and did googled and came to your site. As some have already said one ‘fear not’ is ENOUGH, meditating on such a verse is what we need to dwell on for His Word is power of which He sent it and will not return void but MUST accomplish what it was sent. Thus get one verse on fear not, ruminate(meditate) on it and voila you fear not.

  33. It is amazing how long this blog has lasted, and I agree that once is enough. It sounds good to the ears to hear 365, but it stands the same when Jesus said it is FINISHED! His righteousness not ours, there is your “Fear Not” fo everyday!

  34. […] a hundred times in the Bible, God tells us to ‘fear not‘.  Apparently one of His greatest desires is for us to live fearless and bold lives.  So […]

  35. Hi Nathan, I am doig research on the concept fear.Can you tell me the resource for your comment that the word fear has only 314 translations in different languages.

    • Not different languages. The original languages. Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. These are the languages that the scriptures were originally written in. I simply went to and typed in fear. It is resource available to anyone with internet. May you be blessed.

  36. The thing I find interesting is that God saw it necessary to tell us to fear not quite often. Whether it’s one for everyday, or two or three per day he said it more than once for a reason. To tell anyone that once should be enough seems arrogant. I think that knowing the circumstances around each fear not would help others in those same situations. Don’t you think the enemy uses fear in different forms to bring doubt so that we lose out on God’s blessings.

    • In my mind I see fear in only one form. Perfect love casts out fear. Which ones? There is only one fear and it is an emotion, although they do come from all types of circumstances. Job said that the thing he feared the most had come upon him. Fear is powerful and controlling.

      The main point to the blog is that we need to have evidence to back up our claims. And if it is not list 365 times it does not make the comforting words of our God any less effective. That is not arrogance. That is confidence in Whom I have believed. Actually, My choice is to here Him say, “Peace be unto you.” To my brother for this day,fear not 🙂

      But, what would happen if we, as followers of Christ, chose to text, email, or call one person for 365 some sort of “fear not” challenge? Now, that would be worth a challenge. Thank you for the idea, Lord.

  37. I am lovivng this blog. Very interesting. Our preacher mentioned the 365 Fear Nots in his sermon this past Sunday. I too was curious….I actually just wanted to read them all. I agree once should be enough, but I was wanting to find a different verse a day to read as a reminder to myelf, to not fear. (I am a born worrier)
    Thanks to all the comments. I’ll be back to keep reading the verses found by others. 🙂

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