Just Us

Just Us

My name is Nathan Boehm. It is pronounced “BEAM”. I inherited the name. It means someone from Bohemia, although hundreds of years ago.

I was raised in a traditional pentecostal church, turned down a career as an architect to attend bible college in Minot, ND. That is where I met my wife, Dawn Morris.

For the first 11 years following school I served as a youth pastor and then felt God call me to be a pastor. Some friends of ours said that they were praying one day and that God showed them that we would be pastoring in Richmond, VA. A year later, not remembering the conversation, I was asked to pastor a church in Richmond, VA and we have been here since 1995.

My biggest struggle has been that at the moment I feel comfortable with a tradition it gets pulled out from under me. My ministry looks nothing like what I grew up in. What keeps unsettling my ground? The Word of God. It has come to life in me. The words have life and depth and keep shaking my anchors loose from things that really do not matter.

Have you ever just walked through a wooded area and wondered what history many of the trees held? What did they see and what major events in people’s lives took place around them? History has come to life for me, all captured in His Word.

Have you ever just laid on the ground on a dark night and admired the stars or even tried to count them? I’ve counted things I have never counted before in His Word. I’ve just gazed at the wonders of God through His word.

Have you ever held a sleeping baby and wonder how such a precious creation was possible? Those tiny fingernails. Those little feet. That gently placed eyelashes. I have watch God create things before my eyes. The idea of being a new creation has become an ongoing process as His Word just keeps taking over. It keeps creating in me. It is alive!

I am fully convinced that God has not given us enough years to be able to fully understand everything that He orchestrated in his word which we call the Bible. It is so deep and yet so simple. It is so old and yet so fresh and new.

I’ve heard some refer to church as being boring and the Bible too hard to understand. First, church will only be boring because we make it boring. God is never boring. Wherever Jesus went people got excited and the authorities kept plotting to kill Him. Second, the Bible is boring only when do not allow it to speak to us.

My intent is to share fresh new nuggets. Some are hidden behind traditions. Some are hidden behind the cloak of translations from the original text. Some are not noticed because it takes the knowledge of other verses to dig out a brighter meaning. Still others are just often overlooked.

I have read some scriptures for years and then one day, it was like a light came on. I spot a glimmer that I had not seen before. It connected. It refreshed. And sometimes it brings some strong correction that I was not looking for but put me back where I needed to be.

I pray that God opens your eyes that you may see and discover living words through my blogs, other resources, or on your own. “Father, open their eyes that they may see.”

There are two principles that we must be able to agree on. Denying them has led to church arguments and so many different teachings, forcing brothers and sisters in Christ to take sides:

1. We must agree that EVERY sentence is God’s word. If anything is questioned and we are convinced that not everything is from God in the Bible, then who can we trust enough to show us what is His Word and what is not? I would have to put my trust in another human to guide me on right and wrong rather than God Himself? Scary. It is far more easier to accept ALL of scripture as God’s Word.

2. The second is that God’s Word is like an onion. When you peel back one layer of meaning you will often find another layer. It is deep. Not understanding this principle has led to arguments on who is right when, more times than not, the argument is over two different layers rather than two different doctrines or understanding.

3. Scripture will never contradict itself. It is it’s own authority. A great test to know if someone is teaching something correct or not is to ask if it contradicts any other scripture. This is why there are some groups who have to have their own “bible” such as the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. They need to make enough changes to prove their point or have another authority.

It is when we break just one of these principles that division and disunity happens. How stupid many of our disagreements must seem in God’s eyes.


8 Responses

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !


  3. Yes, John understood the alaph-tau. Keep in mind that the average jewish boy was taught to memorize all of the Old Testament. What insight we miss for not have the foundation they had from their youth. The only resource I have to find more info is hebrew4christians. I have a link on the right side of my blog. You will discover enough info there that it will make your head spin.

  4. Nice site. Keep up the good commentary. 🙂

    God bless.

  5. hmmm…am liking what u have to say. keep it up

  6. Thank you for your dedacation i have found this site to be helpful.

  7. Pastor Nathan. I have heard so many different interpretations of what part baptism by ‘water’ should play in our Christian lives after being born again by the blood of Jesus. At some time in the near future, i would really be interested in hearing what your understanding of baptism is? Should we make it a ‘point’ to do it, or is it just an act that is not necessary? Thanks much! Bill Allen

    • I will be happy to blog about baptism. It may take me a couple of months because of my summer schedule getting ready for the fall, but I will commit to it.

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