Jacob Boehm, Running For Your Life



After learning a trade Jacob Boehm traveled, as was custom, as a itinerant journeymen for three years.  The purpose was to make him a finished workman.  In his wanderings Jacob fell in with a people called Pietists.  In many respects they resembled the Puritans.  He was converted among them.  The change was so great when he returned home, his language so strange, that his friends could not understand him.  His singular experience, his exposure of formal religion, his boldness in reproving sin, raised a storm of persecution.  The minister withstood him, and denounced him as a heretic.  His answers were so pertinent that his father gave him a severe reprimand.  The Church exercised civil as well as ecclesiastical authority, and young Boehm was convicted of heresy, and sentenced to prison.  An elder brother was appointed to conduct him to the prison-house.  He did not watch his brother closely, and as they were near the line that separated Switzerland from France the prisoner crossed over, and was forever free from his domestic and priestly persecutors.

He journeyed along the banks of the Rhine till he entered the Dukendom of Pfaltz.  This was the Palatine bordering on Belgium.  From this region were the ancestors of Philip Embury.  There young Jacob became acquainted with a people called Mennonites.  They took their name from Menno Simon, who was contemporary with Luther.  They were a simple-hearted people, and he united with them, and became a lay elder.

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The Tail of Two Paths

picture-18In Genesis 38 we find the story of Judah being tricked into sleeping with his daughter-in-law. This pregnancy produced twins. What is interesting is the fruit from these two twins.

Perez was the ancestor of David and therefore in the direct line of Jesus.

Zerah, the other twin was the ancestor of Achan who stole goods from the defeat of Jericho and because of his sin Israel lost their second battle.

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A Shaky Start



Please, understand that I am not trying to belittle Abraham, the father of many nations. Yet, at the same time, I do want us to be able to see that God was able to take an average man and make him great because he was willing.

According to Genesis 11 Abraham was born 450 years after the flood, 10 generations away from Noah. The remains of Ur today are in Tell el-Mukayyar and can be found near the city of Nasiriyah, south of Baghdad in modern day Iraq.

Joshua 24:2 And Joshua said to all the people, “Thus says the Lord God of Israel: ‘Your fathers, including Terah, the father of Abraham and the father of Nahor, dwelt on the other side of the River in old times; and they served other gods.

God called Abraham out of a family of idol worshippers. Was Abraham, himself, an idol worshipper?

Although it was Abraham who was called, it was his father, Terah, who led the way toward the promise land. This was failure number 1 – he was to leave his family. Instead, he took his father and nephew, lot, with him. The one who was not called, Terah, became the one to lead the one who was called, Abraham, Acts 7:2.

They made it as far as Haran, an ancient city that exists in modern-day Turkey. Also found in that same area of Turkey are villages that still have the names of Abraham’s grandfather and great-grandfather, Nahor and Serug.

Failure number 2 was that Abraham stayed in Haran for some time before he was ready to continue the journey and he still took family with him. Twice he was called. The first time in Ur and the second time while in Haran.

The 3rd failure was that Abraham still was not willing to leave family behind. The end result was that years later the two split up and Lots daughters got him drunk and slept with him. The names of their sons with their father were Moab and Ben-ammi, the fathers of the Moabites and the Ammonites. They were family but became great enemies of Israel for years.