Why Curse Canaan?

Genesis 9:25 Then he said: “Cursed be Canaan; A servant of servants He shall be to his brethren.”

Why did Noah curse Canaan if it was Ham who was guilty? Well, maybe Ham was not guilty.

Think about the clues that these verses offer as well as verses in the next chapter.

  1. Ham saw Noah naked. There is no evidence that Ham DID anything to Noah besides accidentally seeing his father’s nakedness.
  2. Verse 22 points out that Ham, who saw his father’s nakedness, was the father of Canaan. Keep in mind that up to this point in Genesis everything is about the “firstborn.” if you will read verse 10 in the next chapter you will discover that Canaan was Ham’s youngest son. So, why throw in this fact unless it meant something.
  3. Verse 24 says that Noah knew what his younger son had done. Someone did something to him and it had to have been worse than seeing the naked body of an old man.

So, someone did something to Noah while he was naked and verse 24 gives no names, Canaan is mentioned twice while not not even close to being the oldest son, and Canaan gets cursed.

You do the math and take it from there.


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