The Message In The First Genealogy

family tree

family tree

I have met only a few who enjoy reading genealogies. Some call them the “begot’s.” Family history does not interest everyone. I did a genealogy of my family a few years back and discovered that there was history that went back farther than my dad’s grandfather, of which he knew very little about. By the time I was finished we had a family tree that was 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall.

Genealogy gives great insight as to where you came from. Family history is important enough that two gospel writers wrote in detail the linage of Jesus. And, sometimes you can find nuggets even in genealogies.

In Genesis chapter 5 is recorded the very first genealogy, from Adam to Noah. Ten men. As you dig in you will discover that many of these men knew Adam. You will also discover that these ten men, ten generations, covers nearly 1,600 years. It is also interesting that Methuselah means “his death shall bring” and it would seem that his death was right about the same time as the flood.

Prophetic? I think so. It was at Methuselah’s birth that his father began to walk with God. There had to have been some kind of encounter that caused a 65 year old man to turn to God. Possibly God began to show Enoch things that were to come? So, believe that people have to be walking with God in order to for God to show them something? Then how do you explain the meaning of his son’s name and at his son’s birth was when he began to walk with God? It would see that there are times that God brings revelation which in turn brings a change of heart.

How can we dig deeper? How about if we went to the Hebrew to discover what their names meant? Would there be a message in their names? Let’s try. Some of the names were easy to translate where others had to be taken all of the way back to the root word.

  1. Adam means “man”
  2. Seth means “compensation” or “payback”
  3. Enos means “mortal” or “mankind”
  4. Kenan means “nest in a lofty rock” or “out of reach”
  5. Mahalalel means “praised of God”
  6. Jerad (yarad) means “came down”
  7. Enoch means “to train”
  8. Methuselah means “His death shall bring”
  9. Lamech means “powerful”
  10. Noah means “rest”

Now, let’s put these names together and see if there is anything.

man, compensation, mankind, nest in a lofty rock, praised of God, came down, to train, his death shall bring, powerful, rest.

What I am about to do is a matter of interpretation. I am not stating this as fact, but take a look at this through my eyes and see if you see what I see.

Man’s compensation or payment for the human race set him in a nest, far removed. The praised of God came down to train, his death shall bring a powerful rest.”

orMan’compensation or payment came upon the human race . From a high place the praised of God came down to train,his death shall bringpowerful rest.”

So, what do you think. Do you think that too much was added to the names to form this message? If I am right then the first genealogy gives the full plan of man’s fall and God’s salvation.

Let me know what you think.


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  1. Jesus! Jesus was called the Son of man, and the Son of God, the first carried the earthly genealogy, while the second the heavenly: The earthly chronicled in Matthew, and the second recorded by Paul as having neither genealogy, nor decent, nor beginning or end of days. I love the Word of God!
    Thank you.

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