Elohim: What Is Truly In A Name?



The very first mention of God is found in Genesis 1:1.

In the beginning God (Elohim) created the heavens and the earth.

Elohim is the plural form of El which you would find in a name like Beth-el – Beth, the second Hebrew letter, means house and El means God, therefore, house of God. Although Elohim is plural it is always used in the singular. This adds strength to the understanding of the trinity, especially in light of Genesis 1:26 – “let US make man in OUR own image, according to OUR likeness . . .” And God created . . .

What is very interesting are the letters that are used in the spelling of Elohim. You can see the Hebrew alphabet in Psalm 119 above every ninth verse. The word is pictured above, reading from right to left.

1. Aleph – the first letter which means strength or leader. In it’s numerical it represents 1, meaning only one God. It is the first letter in the first translated word in Genesis. It is the first letter in the first word in the Ten Commandments. It is also the first letter of the word for Father – aleph, bet. “Aleph” represents Father.

2. Lamed – the center letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the tallest. It is said to represent the King of kings, supported by the fact that the preceding letter represents the throne of glory and the following letter represents kingdom and the three letters together spell king. In the ancient text the Lamed was a picture of a shepherd’s staff. “Lamed” represents our King of kings, Jesus.

3. Hey – it is the breath just as it takes much breath to say it’s name. Tradition says that the letter “Yod” left the letter “Aleph” to join with the letter “Dalet” to form the letter “Hey”. Thus, because the “Aleph” represents God and “Dalet” is the brokenness of man, the Hey is a picture of God’s presence in the heart of man. God did breathe His breath into man to make him a living being. In it’s block form it looks like an open window. In it’s ancient  form it is a may with his arms raise as if to say, “Behold!” The “Hey” is the Holy Spirit. This is the very letter that was placed in the middle of Abram’s name to make it Abraham. God put His breath in the middle of Abraham’s name.

Now we have a three in just the one word – Elohim.

The Yod and Mem – are what makes the name plural and yet it is used in the singular.

Elohim is a name of authority and is often used throughout the Old Testament for the generic term for god or gods, yet it still represents God’s authority that man tries to attribute to other beings or objects.

It is not until chapter two of Genesis that He is introduced by His personal name. God is first establishing His authority as the creator in Chapter one. Once we understand His authority then we can understand Him personally.

Still, it is very interesting that this name of authority has a trinity picture, three combined into one.


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