The Doorway to God



From time to time I will refer to the special meanings of the Hebrew alphabet. Their alphabet represents, not only their letters, but their numerical system and musical notes. On top of that each letter has a meaning. It has been said that if you would memorize what each letter meant that you could understand 80% of the Hebrew words.

For example, the first letter is “aleph.” In it’s book type it can look like an x. You can find it just above Psalm 119:1. In the pictograph form it looks like the head of an ox, similar to our letter “a.” It is said to represent leader – the head as well as being the first letter.

The second letter is “beth” which, in the pictograph, looks like our “d” laying down. It represents house. Put the two together and you have the word for father or leader of the house. We would pronounce it “ab.”

Did you know that there is only one letter different from the name Judah and God’s name, Yawah? It is the “Daleth”. The daleth looks like an open door or overhang over tent door found just above Psalm 119:25 in most bibles. It is said to represent door.

If Judah means praise and Yawah is God’s name then could we say that when the “daleth” or door is placed in God’s name that the doorway to Him is praise? Just a thought.

Feel free to leave your comments or insights.


4 Responses

  1. Very interesting. You must have studied several books to get this information. I would not be able to connect a letter and the pictograph together to make a leader or a head of the house. How did you come up with that idea? I think, this is one of your hidden talents. Keep up your good work!!!

  2. Hi Nathan,

    I didn’t realize that the Hebrew alphabet also represents musical notes. Could you expand on that, perhaps in a separate post? Thanks.


  3. Interesting link, thank you.

    I’m also a musician and can read musical notation…but not Hebrew. Could you give an explanation of the science behind the Hebrew-to-music translation? Or perhaps a link…? Thanks.

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