Interpeting the Bible

I came across someone this week that was very interesting.

  1. He believes that Jesus first came to our planet 26,000 years earlier in a UFO.
  2. He believes that not much of the scripture is accurate, but believes the words of Jesus.
  3. His view of Jesus is in the context of Rome of that day and dismisses the fact that Jesus was Jewish and spoke to Jewish people.
  4. He believes that Paul was a deceiver and can not be trusted.
  5. He believes that Jesus is coming back December 12, 2012 in a UFO.
  6. He believes in reincarnation.
  7. He believes that nothing is spiritual but are electrons and energy and that is how we communicate to Jesus on his UFO.

Sound strange? What is disturbing is that he has teaching videos on YouTube and has a following. He is answering people’s questions with this stuff and they are accepting it.

At the same time there are young men knocking on doors around the world offering “another” gospel.

So, how do we know what is right?

2 Timothy 3:16-17 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Who are we and who do you trust enough to pick and choose what scriptures are true? Can we afford to pick and choose?

What do we do with scripture that we do not understand or may sound contradictory? Ask yourself why God gave that instruction or why did they respond that way or what does this mean symbolically?

What was God accomplishing when He instructed Israel to kill whole nations? It was God’s judgement upon a nation who had been sinning for hundreds of years in idolatry and sexual sins. Did they receive warnings? Nineveh did. So, why can’t we believe that those nations did too? Did God want to kill thousands of people? No, Nineveh repented and God changed the judgement. Killing has never been God’s first desire.

What do we do with a story of a blind man in one gospel and the same story told of two bind men? Each gospel was written by different individuals to different audiences with different deliveries for different goals. Ask two people to describe an accident. Neither have to be wrong in order to have two different stories. We focus on different things.

What do we do with Jesus talking about eunuchs? If you come from the Roman law it would seem that he is speaking of homosexuals. If you keep it within the Jewishness of the speaker and the crowd then you understand that He is speaking of men who are impotent by choice or birth. You can also see what other scripture says about it. The Hebrew word for eunuch means to crush. I will not say what is crushed.

History can not be used to interpret God’s word. History only supports it. Scripture interpretes scripture. There is no other instruction that is so holy.

Why was Hosea told to marry a prostitute? Hosea and his life were a living message to Israel.

Why would God send a flood to kill everyone but 8 people? It was judgement. He knew that it would not get any better.

Why would the bible talk about God changing His mind or repenting from a decision if He knows everything? Was He changing His mind or was it intercession or repentance of the people or sinful actions that put them into a different light in God’s eyes?

Why was God testing Abraham when He asked him to sacrifice his son? Should not have God already known Abraham’s heart and was not human sacrifice a sin? God already knew Abraham, but Abraham did not know Abraham. What a changed man from his younger years when he would lie about his wife and try to help God out by having a son by another woman. As for the human sacrifice, could not this have been a glimpse of what would happen with one of Abraham’s descendents, Jesus?

The bible is not as hard as many try to make it out to be if you will do the following:

  • Keep in mind the story line or context.
  • Compare it to scripture you already know.
  • Compare it to the God you already know.
  • Find other scripture that clarifies it.
  • Never interpret through feeling or history. The facts will support it, not lead you to the truth. Scripture is truth – history supports it.
  • Always ask questions. There is a message in there somewhere for you.
  • Pray for God’s direction.

As a result, I have been called religious. But, religion follows tradition and rules. When you follow a living Word there is no religion in it. Hungry for God? Yes. Religious? No!


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  1. Why people are attacking christians all the time? What about other religious believers? do they have to go through this? Seems like they have more freedom than us. why can’t they attack non believers and Atheist? Jesus had to die with the same problems what we all are facing now. It will continue until the day of His arrival.

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