God Revealed

How much of God can you find in the first chapter of Genesis? It is said that He has revealed Himself in ten ways. I will list them:

  1. God is pre-existing – there was nothing before Him.
  2. God is one and created all things.
  3. God is Spirit and hovers over His creation.
  4. God spoke things into existence from nothing.
  5. God makes order out of chaos.
  6. God is the God of distinctions, dividing light from dark, water from dry land.
  7. God is the creator of moral judgement, declaring things good and bad.
  8. God creates life. There is no death in Him.
  9. God desires to be known.
  10. God is good. All that He created is good.

12 Responses

  1. So ?……you mean to tell us, that it is only now that you knew HIM? And you only reveal ten ?
    You want me to add some more for your list ? And not only from Genesis.
    And another thing, pls. back it up with verses.

    • I always welcome criticism, but your comment is cynical. Out of all of the subjects I give my opinion on in blogs you chose to dice me over something that I share that someone else said. That is why I began it with, “It has been said.” Most responses I have enjoyed a good challenge. This one was a waste of my time and yet I responded. I must be having an off day. Foolish friend, rather than Tigerdove you may want to change it to “Rabiddog”. I do not know you, but I would say that you have a spirit of religiosity. If you would like an intelligent response you may rewrite your comment and challenge me or offer a suggestion as a brother. If you would like to add to the list from just Genesis Chapter 1, be my guest.

  2. So you see , NOW? You do understand who you are, that is why , you do not want others to read them. So, Why don’t you start right now to REPENT and remove that stupid title “Pastor”, and be content with the title “Brother”.
    If you will do just that, it will be the beginning of your understanding and also the beginning of your submission to God’ righteousness, instead of establishing your own righteousness(Roman 10:3).

  3. “do not want others to read them.” Read what? What are you talking about? You have lost me.

    And as for Pastor, I guess Paul was making up a ficticious list when he said that He gave some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers. If so, then are teachers ficticious also? There are no evangelists? I am sorry if the Word affends you. Well, no I am not. I will not appoligize for the Word of God. I can not repent for my calling as a shephard for the Great shephard. I am taking care of His sheep and am held responsible for what I do with them. There were pastors in the Old Testament who ate their sheep. They were held accountable. I am in this position to help equip saints of God for the work of ministry. I am not a reverend, which is not a biblical word. I am not a clergy, which is not a biblical word. I am not someone with special privellages, but someone with great responsibilities and accountabilities. I am not a master but a servant, one called to make sure that every member of my congregation has everything they need to succeed in their ministry as a minister. I have a firm conviction that Paul teaches that every follower in Christ is a minister or a minister in training and I am a part of the team to help them accomplish that. I am a servant-leader. My calling is a holy calling according to Paul’s writing to Timothy and one without repentance. I will not repent for being a pastor. I can not run from it. It is not a title that was given to me, but it is what I do and it is how I live, it is my heart.

    Sir, I would love to call you brother but I have no clue who you are. I do not know your heart and from the fruit of your comments you sound somewhat confussed. Your comments are hard to follow and out of character from what I recognize as a brother in Christ.

    Forgive me if I have offended you, but I can not ask for forgiveness for the Word of God if it offends you. You are more than welcome to explain to me what Paul is saying in Ephesians 4:11-12. Otherwise, may I ask you to pick battles that make a difference for heaven?

  4. Paul was not making fictitious, Paul was telling the truth, when he said that Jesus gave some apostles; and some prophets; and some evangelist; and some pastors and teachers. The question is , where did Jesus Christ gave ? Is it not in The Church of God ,that is written in the bible ? (I Corinthians 12:28) Paul was teaching to the Christians , who are members of the Church of God. that are in Ephesians.
    You my friend is not part of HIS Church, you are outside of HIS church. You have not submitted yourself to the righteousness of God , instead, you establish your own righteousness (Romans 10:2)
    This you must understand, since all are already SET in the Church, there is no more need in our time, of prophets, evangelists, teachers, for what is their use ? We already have the book, all we need is a READER (Revelation 1:3) who truly understand the book. Why do you need to be called a Pastor? What is the use of that title. We already have ONE SHEPHERD(Ezekiel 34:23). What is the need to replace Christ by you?
    Frankly speaking, you , or anyone else are not worthy to call themselves PASTOR. You know why? If I’m going to ask you some of the mysteries that are written in the bible, you will have a hard time in answering them. And that will prove that you are not sent by God.

  5. Thank you 😉 That was very interesting.

  6. Seems like anything that has to do with God these days is being attacked big time. Must be better ways to spend our time…

  7. I say PREACH ON BROTHER NATHAN! Glory! I think you are a true man of God by reading your comments. My brother in law is a PASTOR. The Lord called him to preach and by him preaching the word of God(KJV) I was saved 2 days after my granny was buried. Keep being true to God Pastor Nathan. He will bless you.

  8. shamslayer,
    YES ! … it’s has to be, for how will you be able to know , if that person is speaking the truth. For it is written :

    Beloved, BELIEVE NOT every spirit, BUT TRY the spirits whether they are of God : Because many FALSE PROPHETS are gone out into the world.(I John 4:1)

    and also:

    “PROVE ALL THINGS”…(I Thess. 5:21)

    Some are claiming they are called by God to preach the gospel, to an unlearned person these seems to be wonderful and awesome, but to those gifted of the Holy Spirit, this is a challenge if that person is really whom they say they are. For who can challenge them, if you are not guided by the Holy Spirit ? You also will not care. Understand this verse :
    “Behold, this is what I found, says the Preacher, adding one thing to another to find the sum”.(Eccl. 7:27)
    So if ever you will encounter a person ,saying, He is a PASTOR, or a title PASTOR attached to his name….DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON HIM and DO NOT BELIEVE HIM .

  9. Thank you for this Pastor Nathan. I too have been studying and have come to a dramatic conclusion about the nature of God that sums up what you’ve written above.

    God is Consciousness.

  10. what a wonderful blog to find in this world today. i loved reading your work. it inspires me to write.

  11. Reblogged this on Evan Deasey and commented:
    I love Jesus. God bless you.

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