Jesus, the Vav

The Vav

The Vav

This is my second article on the Vav, the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Not only is it the sixth letter of the alphabet, it’s numerical value is six. Six represents the number of a man, Revelation 13:18. In the article on the “broken vav” we discovered that it represented Jesus.

The name for the curtains around the tabernacle is the same name that the scribes used to refer to the pages of a scroll. The hooks that held the curtains were called Vav which means hook. Could it then be said that Jesus is the hook that holds up the Word between God and man? But, let’s not forget that He is the Word.

The scribes, when copying the Torah, began each column with a Vav as if to hook the words onto the page. If Jesus is the Vav then even more true the writing of John when he said, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.” Jesus is on every page that the scribe wrote.

The very first Vav that is used in scripture is in Genesis 1:1. Not only is the Vav written before the very first letter was placed, but it is also the 22 letter in the sentence. Does that mean anything? Well, if you consider that there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet it signifies that the Vav is now the first and the last. Again, another support that the Vav represents Jesus, the first and last.

It’s location in Genesis 1:1 is with two other letters, the first and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the aleph and tau. These are the two letters that are found two words before which are not translated as I dealt with in another article. The word where the Vav is associated, with the first and last letter, is the word that is translated “and”, between heaven and earth. The Vav is connecting or joining heaven and earth or spiritual and earthly matters. Jesus is the divine connection between God and man.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Nathan! May the LORD God of Israel bless you and your ministry. – John

  2. Thank you. I was searching for a good Hebrew site.

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