First Genealogy

For some time now I have been fascinated with genealogy and who lived when. I loved my dad’s mother who was born in 1903. But then I saw a video of an interview of her telling a story of her great-grandmother whom she loved. She was born in 1823. All of a sudden is was as if I knew someone who lived in 1823 and I could relate to the story. History really shrank when I realized that my grandmother, who knew her great-grandmother well, who possibly knew her grandparents who were around during the Revolutionary War. Time got smaller.

Take a look at this timeline I put together of Adam to Noah (Genesis 5):

Picture 16

What are some of the conclusions we can come up with?

  • Noah’s dad was born while Adam was still alive and could have listened to his stories. Lemech was 56 when Adam died.
  • Noah could have met Adam’s grandson, Enosh. Noah was 84 when Enosh died.
  • Methuselah died in the same year as the flood.
  • Although Enoch was taken 47 years after Adam’s death, for most of his life Adam was alive. I can not imagine Enoch not influenced by Adam’s stories of walking with God himself.

Take a look at the next timeline from Noah to Isaac (Genesis 11):

Picture 6

  • Abraham could have easily have heard stories from Noah who heard stories from his father who heard stories from Adam. It is possible that Noah introduced Abram to the God who saved their family from destruction.
  • Abraham’s father, Terah, was not dead when Abraham left his family in Haran.
  • Shem, the son of Noah, was still alive when Isaac was born. Some believe that Shem was Melchizedek, the king of Salem in Genesis 14:18.
  • Shem outlived Abraham’s father, Terah, his great, great, great, great, great, great grandson.

Try this on for size. If Adam lived only 6,000 years ago and the average person had a child at age 25, although we know that many were much older, then there have only been approximately 240 generations between you and Adam. But, in the first 1,500 there were 10 generations so with that adjustment there would be 180 generations in addition to the first 10, making it 190 generations since Adam.


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