Honorable George Clymer

Picture 25In 1807 a man of great renown in the formation of our government stood up in defense of a small group of worshipers as recorded in the book Reminiscences of Rev. Henry Boehm.

“An incident occurred here worthy of note. Some of the sinners of a baser sort were disposed to interrupt the service. When the disturbance threatened to be serious, the Hon. George Clymer, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, then a lawyer, residing in Reading, arose in the congregation and addressed the assembly. He spoke of the struggles of the Revolution, of what our liberties cost, and the right our glorious Constitution gives to all to worship under their own vine and fig tree. Then he said. “In vain have patriots bled and martyrs died to procure freedom if we cannot worship the God of our fathers according to our own conscience.” His address had a most happy effect in restoring order.

“Mr. Clymer was a tall, fine-looking man, with a dark, expressive eye, a grave countenance, and hair of a kind of iron gray. He was a great financier, associated with Robert Morris in establishing a bank for the relief of his country. He was a member of Congress, and president of the Philadelphia Bank and of the Academy of Fine Arts.”

What an honor for someone of this caliber to stand for the right to worship God according to our own conscience.


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