Falling Under the Power, 1802

Picture 22In 1802 Henry Boehm writes about spiritual experiences that were like nothing he had ever seen on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The kind of things that he witnessed are often associated with the 20th century. These happenings were not taught nor promoted. They just happened. Here is an excerpt from the book Reminiscences of Rev. Henry Boehm, p. 70:

“We preached also at Brother Lazarus Maddox’s, at Potato Neck. His house was an excellent home for a wayworn itinerant. On February 14, while preaching at his house, the power of God came down and Brother Maddox was struck to the floor, and lay for some time under the divine influence. Thrilling were the scenes we witnessed. Indeed the whole circuit had a wall of fire around about it and a glory in the midst. The people got so happy and shouted so loud they drowned my voice, and leaped for joy, and sometimes they would fall, lose their strength, and lie for hours in this condition, and they came to praising the Lord. At several funerals many were awakened, and in several instances loud shouts were heard at the grave. This was something entirely new to me.”

Oh God, show us your glory! Reveal Your power as we assemble to meet with you.


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