Layers of Scripture


I get so fed up with people who teach something and declare that they are right and everyone else is wrong. The problem is that they limit the scriptures.

Did you know that the rabbis viewed scripture in four different layers?

  1. A Literal, Face Value – Taking scripture to mean just what it says, word for word.
  2. Illustration, The Message or Principle – What is it a picture of?
  3. Diligently Digging – What is it saying about the future, the end times?
  4. Personal Message – What is the message to you relating to what you are going through right now?

Let’s take an example: In Revelation 2 & 3 John wrote down seven letters that were dictated to him, each to seven different churches. Many have argued that these letters were letters to those specific churches only. Others have said that they each represent seven specific times in church history and that we are in the seventh one. Still others have seen the seven letters as a representation of what the church will be in the last days. Finally, there are those who will say that they are just a personal message to each of us of what God is looking for in us.

Who is right? If the scriptures truly are layered then all four are right and yet wrong if they have concluded that their layer is the only one right.

How many times have you read a verse that you have read many times before and then one day you discover something in it that you had never seen before? Isn’t it amazing that you can teach a lesson from scripture and people will pull away something different depending upon the level they are relating to at that moment.

Now, I pray that everyone read their Bible again as if it were the first time in their lives;

  • Read it as a literal story.
  • Read it as a book filled pictures of God’s communication.
  • Read it as a book filled with prophecy.
  • Read it as a book correcting and instructing you and me.

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  1. This blog’s really quite intersting.. Thankyou 🙂

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