Bible Codes?

For thousands of years many rabbi’s have had many ideas as to deeper means within scripture. Over 1,000 years ago Rabbi’s taught that Genesis taught that there were 10 dimensions. Physics teaches that today. The most common mystery has been the new messages that scripture reveals when using name definitions in place of the name such as Naomi and her family leaving Bethlehem or house of bread.

One such old thought is known as the bible code and because of the computer it has become something rather easy to do. The computer was originally developed to break Nazi code and helped us win the war.

One such code that was found in the Torah (law), the first five books of the bible. It was discovered if you find the first “Tav”, the first letter of the word Torah and count every 49 letters it will spell Torah in Genesis. What is interesting is that it is also in Exodus. It then skips Leviticus. It picks up in Numbers and Deuteronomy every 49 letters, but spelt backwards.

What about Leviticus? It has been discovered that every 7 letters, 7 is the root of 49, it spells out Y-H-V-H, the name of God. If this code means anything at all, it would conclude that the law points to what is in the center or heart of the law, God.

Is this an accident? You decide.


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